• E-Light Training Overview

    Our Exit and Emergency Lighting, also known as E-Light Training Classes are designed to provide the hands-on knowledge you and your technicians need to do the job, while keeping you current on the latest product innovations, local and national codes, and, most importantly, how to sell thse products and services.
    Class Instructor Bob Mete, has extensive knowledge and experience in the electrical/lighting industry. Bob has been training, selling, and marketing lighting products for over 25 years and has been specifically involved with the manufacturing of emergency lights and exit signs for the past 15 years.

    Classes taught by Brooks Equipment.

    Our Training Segments

    E-Light Segment One:

    For Sales Persons and Service Personnel

    8:30am - 11:50am

    Cost: $75


    • Training Sessions
      • Sales and Marketing Planning - "How to be Successful"
      • What is emergency lighting?
      • Why should I get into the business?
      • National Standards and Regulations
    • Manual - Introduction to Emergency Lighting Sales & Service
    • Printed Certification

    E-Light Segment Two:

    Extended Course Hands-on Training

    1:00pm - 4:00pm

    Cost: Contact support@FEDLearningCenter.com


    • Segment One (8:30am - 11:50am), at no additional charge
    • Testing Equipment Package - Test Equipment Package List
    • Hands-on Testing - Each attendee will have a work station
    • Updated Emergency Lighting Handbook
    • Examination - Written and Hands-on test
    • Printed Certification

    If you have any questions, please email them to Support@FEDLearningCenter.com

    E-Light Training Schedule

    Atlantic City, NJ
    (Week of NAFED Show)

    4/11/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Caesars Atlantic City
    2100 Pacific Ave.
    Atlantic City, NJ
    Phone: 609-348-4411

    Commerce, CA

    4/19/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Double Tree Inn
    5757 Telegraph Rd
    Commerce, CA 90040

    St. Louis, MO - NAFED

    5/9/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Hilton St. Louis at The Ball Park
    One South Broadway
    St. Louis, MO 63102
    Phone: 800-445-8667

    Orlando, FL
    (Week of FFEDA Meeting)

    6/22/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Brooks Equipment
    4215 SW 34st.
    Orlando, FL 32811
    Phone: 407-872-2212

    Atlanta, GA

    7/12/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Location To Be Determined
    Atlanta, GA

    Milwaukee, WI

    7/26/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Location To Be Determined
    Milwaukee, WI

    Kansas City, KS

    8/9/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Location To Be Determined
    Kansas City, KS

    Edison, NJ

    9/11/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Brooks Warehouse
    120 Clover Pl.
    Edison, NJ
    Phone: 732-417-1059

    Federal Way, WA

    9/20/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Location To Be Determined
    Federal Way, WA

    Rocky Hill, CT

    10/11/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Location To Be Determined
    Rocky Hill, CT

    Philadelphia, PA
    (Fort Washington)

    11/15/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Hilton Garden Inn
    530 West Pennsylvania Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA
    Phone: 215-646-4637

    Chesapeake, VA

    12/6/2018 – 8:15am - 4pm

    Hilton Garden Inn Chesapeake
    1565 Crossways Blvd.
    Chesapeake, VA
    Phone: 757-420-1212