FED Learning Center Courses

Below is a listing of our current Courses, which are available to be ordered. Each course will take you through a curriculum designed by in-house technical experts that will provide proficient training on the selected course topic.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Course

Our Exit and Emergency Lighting Course is designed to provide the hands-on knowledge you and your technicians need to do the job, while keeping you current on the latest product innovations, local and national codes, and, most importantly, how to sell these products and services.

Kitchen Suppression Systems Course

Our Kitchen Suppression Systems course is designed to provide attendees an overview of the commercial kitchen fire safety environment and the basics of how Kitchen Suppression Systems work, including an opportunity for hands-on, practical training. This training will provide product information on a variety of manufacturer’s products, information on standards, codes and enforcement, as well as a step-by-step guide to inspecting and maintaining Kitchen Suppression Systems.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems Course

Coming Soon! Check back for more details regarding this 2019 course offering!

Customer Service and Sales Course

Taught by Bruce Carter, a half day workshop that is designed where 100% of the content is fully applicable to any fire protection technician. The workshop will help attendees identify the essential qualities and characteristics needed to interact with business owners/sales reps who make those important decisions on purchasing fire protection equipment.

Fire Alarms Course

Our Fire Alarm course provides students fundamentals of fire alarm technology and the building blocks of fire alarm systems.

Fire Extinguishers Course

Our Fire Extinguishers course is designed to provide attendees a deep dive into Portable Fire Extinguishers. This training will provide production information, information on standards, codes and enforcement, hands-on with the equipment, as well as inspection and maintenance.