Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits


Show potential employees you care about their career development.

  • Single site with both a member account portal and corporate sponsor dashboard
  • Two-way corporate and member association verification for onboarding
  • FEDLC lifetime data available (coming soon)
  • Progressive course style ensures foundational and pre-requisite success before advancing to the next lesson.


Ensure every employee has a clear development path that guides their career journey.

  • Use employer-directed or employee-directed learning journeys
  • Courses available: Hands-On, Virtual Live, and Virtual On-Demand
  • Market specific and exclusive learning materials secure online transactions
  • Require assignment submissions before learners can contribute to the next lesson
  • System auto-grading of knowledge checks and quizzes


Let professional development drive employee engagement and career enrichment.

  • Centralized dashboard of all associated members, including reporting tools
  • Visibility of all associated member’s CEUs, course history, certificates, and test scores
  • Unlimited member associations
  • Personalized training options available to only your associated members