General Information

The FED Learning Center’s vision is to provide an industry-specific, educational experience to not only satisfy various student job requirements but to expand their knowledge, technical expertise, and natural curiosity to help the industry, as a whole, evolving for a better, safer tomorrow.

Anyone with a role in the Fire and Life Safety industry can benefit from the industry-specific knowledge provided by the FED Learning Center including Technicians, Sales and Service Professionals, Managers, AHJs/Inspectors, and Facility Management and Safety Professionals.

In late 2017, Fire and Life Safety industry leaders came together to address challenges in employee hiring, retention, and training. They focused on the need for improved technical training for the workers responsible for maintenance, inspection, and repairs in the fire suppression and safety field. The end result was the FED Learning Center (FEDLC)—an educational platform supporting the training and developmental needs of the fire and life safety industry.

To optimize the educational value of the program, several industry experts participated in developing the content, the facilities, and the platform, including many Engineers, Product Specialists, Code Professionals, Curriculum Designers, and e-Learning experts. The courses are considered to be the “gold standard” in the industry. And, since no two people learn exactly the same, the FED Learning Center takes great care to ensure the instructional design offers something for everyone, in all levels of experience, through a variety of educational styles and methods. After development all courses are submitted to the ICC (International Code Council) as well as other certifying authorities for approval.

The FED Learning Center program is designed for individual registered users; however, we believe the more people properly trained the safer we all are! if you have a team to train we are glad to work with you to customize something that best meets your group’s needs. To discuss more please email Support@FEDLearningCenter.com.

Individual Members can “Associate” their profile with their employer, also known as “Member Sponsorship”. Member Sponsorship gives your employer visibility of your learning progress and certificates. The FED Learning Center’s program combines individual Membership with Member Sponsorship to give both the learner and their employer all of the tools and information they need to manage comprehensive training needs.

Yes! Simply email Support@FEDLearningCenter.com and the team will be happy to help you withdraw association consent.

The FED Learning Center is happy to engage at industry events, by email at Support@FEDLearningCenter.com or by phone at 888.349.5289.

Course Information

All three learning mediums have the same content base. The Virtual On-Demand and Virtual Live instruction can both be taken from the comfort of your home or office; On-Demand is done on your own schedule and at your own pace while virtual Live is done along with a live instructor. The In-Person Hands-On courses are conducted at one of the FED Learning Center campuses and incorporate practice with multiple manufacturer’s product. 

Yes. Student Members must provide proof of ID by showing a valid state-issued ID at all in-person events. When using the FED Learning Center portal, you are to use true and current information about yourself.  The individual Member portal at www.FEDLearningCenter.com is specific to individual use and all access and engagement is exclusive to your use.

Yes. All FED Learning Center in-person courses have a 3rd party proctor; meaning that both an instructor and another individual will be present.

To ensure proper transfer of knowledge, FED Learning Center students must achieve an 80% or greater on each quiz to achieve the Certificate and related CEUs. In the event that 80% is not achieved, the student is allowed to retake the quiz.

Because quizzes are administered electronically within each student’s portal, quiz results are available immediately upon submission.

Yes! You can purchase a single course for yourself or for someone else. Corporate buyers can purchase course in bulk and assign to students via the corporate dashboard. 

All major credit cards can be used on this website. If another form of payment is preferred please email Support@FEDLearningCenter.com for alternate options.

If you need to cancel, please email Support@FEDLearningCenter.com. For virtual live or in-person classes, if the cancellation is cancelled 6 days or less from the first day of the course, no refund will be given. The FED Learning Center may, in its sole discretion, permit rescheduling from time to time.

Requirements, Approvals, and Certifications

The FED Learning Center courses are approved in several local jurisdictions and by the ICC (International Code Council). The ICC is the leading global source of model codes and standards and building safety solutions that include product evaluation, accreditation, technology, training, and certification. The Code Council’s codes, standards, and solutions are used to ensure safe, affordable, and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide. (according to https://www.iccsafe.org/about/who-we-are/). Always check with your local AHJ to see if the FED Learning Center’s courses meet your state or local requirements.

Many states use ICC for certification as their licensing requirements. NAFED’s certification test is also through the ICC. The ICC approves the FED Learning Center content and through them, we are able to provide contact training hours and CEUs.

An official ICC test is not required to participate in the FED Learning Center courses; however if you wish to take an ICC test for certification in your state, you can visit iccsafe.org for available testing, registration and questions.

The FED Learning Center differentiates successful participation of In-Person Hands-On Courses with Certification versus Virtual Live and Virtual On-Demand Courses as Certificate of Completion due to instructor visibility of Participants performance with equipment during In-Person Hands-On courses.

Yes! All certificates earned through the FED Learning Center are automatically stored in each Member’s portal. The Member portal is specific to you and can be used to manage all of your certification documents. You even have the availability to load other certificates for safekeeping in the portal so that all of your professional achievements are stored in one convenient location.

Please refer to your local AHJ for licensing and certification requirements.

This information can be shared with the FED Learning Center team at Support@FEDLearningCenter.com and we will be glad to work with the AHJ for course approvals.