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The Fire Alarm Systems Series is designed to provide attendees with the proper information on codes and enforcement under NFPA72. The course teaches the fundamentals of fire alarm technology and offers training experience with various manufacturer systems. Course attendees will receive a step-by-step checklist for inspection and testing of fire alarm systems.


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Segment 1: Learn the basic principles of Fire Alarm Systems and the standards and codes that support them.

  • ICC # 24885, CEUs: 0.15, Contact hours: 1.5

Segment 2: Learn how to properly inspect and maintain Fire Alarm Systems.

  • ICC # 24919, CEUs: 0.15, Contact hours: 1.5

Segment 3: Learn more about the communication, wiring, and placement of devices in Fire Alarm Systems.

  • ICC # 24920, CEUs: 0.15, Contact hours: 1.5

Segment 4: Learn how to analyze and troubleshoot with virtual hands-on training videos.

  • ICC # 28536, CEUs: 0.20, Contact hours: 2.0

Once successful completion of all segments and materials, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course.