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The Exit and Emergency Lighting Series is designed to provide attendees the history and knowledge of why Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting are important while keeping current on the latest product innovations, how to sell these products and services, being aware of local and national codes, and, most importantly, how to inspect and troubleshoot Exit and Emergency Lighting.


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Segment 1: Get a better understanding of why Exit Sign and Emergency Lighting Sales & Service are important to a company.

  • ICC # 26312, CEUs: 0.15, Contact hours: 1.5

Segment 2: Take a deeper dive into the codes and standards of Exit Lights and Emergency Lighting. Learn the components that makeup Exit & Emergency Lighting and their functionality, as well as how to do the monthly and annual inspection test and maintenance.

  • ICC # 26311, CEUs: 0.35, Contact hours: 3.5

After successful completion of all segments and materials, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course.